1. Accurate Rib Pitch – The external ribs running across the entire length of the Birla TMT bar give superior bonding strength between the bar and the concrete. Perfect grip pitch ensures strongest bonding between concrete and frame.
  2. Super Ductility – Birla TMT better ductility and bend ability eliminate stressful manual binding at the site, reducing construction and fabrication time.
  3. Terrific Tensile Strength – Its higher ultimate tensile strength ratio ensures that when stressed beyond yield strength as may happen during an earthquake Birla TMT bar will absorb the stress with ease and to a much greater extent without any danger of sudden rupture.
  4. Good Weld Ability – Birla TMT Bar is made with a controlled chemistry of carbon, sulphur, phosphorous and other alloying elements. Carbon equivalence is maintained in a lower range to facilitate good weld ability.
  5. Excellent Bend ability – The unique combination of tempered marten site and ferrite + Partite structure assures better Bend ability.
  6. Available in sizes ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm.
  7. Birla TMT Bar has superior strength and better anti-corrosive properties then other similar products in the market.

    Birla TMT is sold across the country through our vast network of distributors. The brand has become a trusted name in the steel industry and we are expanding our wings across the Indian market with the franchising concept. as a part of this journey and vision we have associated with like minded partners to establish franchises that will manufacture under the strict supervision of its own engineers  and technicians to make sure that the stringent manufacturing parameters are fully met. this manufacture franchising will allow the product to be easily available across the nation.

  8. The noble objective of Birla TMT Bar is that it should be easily accessible for any construction project to avoid in project completion and we guarantee it with the help of a vast network of distributors.

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