Birla TMT Bar are the new generation bars produced through a highly advanced procedure using a state of the art plant in Himachal Pradesh.

Each steel bar id passed through a post-modern water – cooling system to create a temperature gradient in the bars. the core is reheated and quenched by a conduction method that tempers the external marten site. then , the bar is taken out of cool, which leads to further cooling, attaining superior strength and toughness, tempering the austenitic core to ferrite and partite. through this processing the bars comprise many layers, formed by different cooling stages, strong’s. though, tempered marten site in the surface layer  of the bar, an intermediate layer of marten site and binate, and a highly useful ferrite and partite core. Birla TMT Bars are now a perfect fit of many construction projects. they are strong and equally flexible to meet today’s changing demands of the construction industry.